Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A to Z Gift Guide: H - M

I am falling behind! So busy getting everything ready for Christmas! Here are some gift ideas for letters H through M.

Love this bag made from a chevron tapestry upholstery fabric. Found it on Etsy ($245).

Mirror upcycled from an antique pine hex mold used to cast parts for U.S. Army tanks (Etsy -- $395.50).

How precious is this vintage carved jade buddha? Love the 14 karat gold outline of the setting, too! $349 from Sophie Jane on Ruby Lane.

Simple and handsome in sterling silver. $400 at Tiffany & Co.

Hurry before this baby is gone! Beautiful vintage carrara marble & gold metal server from Vintage Finds on One Kings Lane ($89).

Perfect little black dress from the 1950s (Etsy -- $146).

Friday, December 7, 2012

A to Z Gift Guide: G

I don't know about you, but I have a stack of gift cards that I'll probably never use. For Christmas this year, give a gift card that burns a hole in someone's pocket!

Jayson Home offers an ever-evolving collection of modern & vintage furniture and unique home accessories.

If you can't find something you love on Etsy (the world's handmade & vintage marketplace), then, I'm sorry, but you aren't human.

I can't go on One Kings Lane every day. My bank account won't allow it!

Have you seen the amazing collections on Layla Grayce?! Great gifts for women & kids.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A to Z Gift Guide: F

More great Christmas gifts...letter "F" for today.

Sometimes the greatest gifts don't even cost a dime. Let go of your grudges and give the gift of forgiveness not only to someone else but also to yourself. This sign from Annie Rupers says it all.

Stunning gilt metal Printemps Paris box circa 1900 from Partner Antiques on Etsy ($196).

I can think of quite a few uses for a set of these 100-year-old wire trays from Garden Variety Design on 1stdibs ($85 each).

Fabulous Dart Board Cuff Links

I always find it so difficult shopping for men! Aren't these mid-century dart board cuff links perfect, though? Found them at Treasure Keepers on 1stdibs ($99).

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A to Z Gift Guide: E

Vintage Christmas gifts that start with letter "E"...

You don't have to listen to country music to appreciate these size 7 vintage 1970s bad-ass snakeskin & leather boots! Find them at The Vintage Voice on Etsy ($325).

Looking for the perfect vintage accessory for your child's workspace? Here you go! Love this yellow 1960s lamp from Pegboard Modern on 1stdibs ($750).

Spectacular 19th century set of dominoes from Old Toads Treasures on Ruby Lane ($165). Who doesn't enjoy playing this game?

Matching panties? I LOVE the 60s! You can find this black lace set at Holly Go Vintage on Etsy ($250).

I love me some sugar. Wouldn't mind shaking it out of this precious 19th century floral glass shaker, either. Have a look on Etsy ($250).

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A to Z Gift Guide: D

So many great gift items start with letter D...

Even after many years of wearing this perfume, it is *still* my favorite fragrance! You can find it at Sephora ($82 for 1.7 oz. spray).

It would be totally absurd not to mention diamonds, the ultimate gift that starts with letter "D." Check out this vintage Edwardian beauty from Adin Antique Jewelry on Ruby Lane ($7,700).

Seeing this adorable set of slippers ($50) from Molipop on Etsy sort of made me want a 4th child. It was only a fleeting thought. Slippers are still precious, though!

Look at these cute Scotty dogs! Vintage pair of cast iron pups from Etsy ($95). Two of my kids want a dog for Christmas. Think these will suffice?

Some people might think receiving a rug like this as a gift would be really odd. I'm not one of those people. This is a fabulous "Queen Bee" Hicks rug produced by Louis de Poortere. So fabulous there is no price listed from Galerie Alainko on 1stdibs.

Monday, December 3, 2012

A to Z Gift Guide: C

Moving on to letter C. Hope you find something you like!

What a perfect gift for your child! Tawna of Reve Decor creates Bespoke Child Paintings from a child's drawings. Amazing!

Another beauty from Lang Antique Jewelry ($1,250). From 1875 with angel skin corals, rose-cut diamonds & 14 karat yellow gold.

How clever...and what a great way to remember whose wine is whose! From Etsy ($25 for a set of 6).

Coffee Table Books for Design Enthusiasts

Sunday, December 2, 2012

A to Z Gift Guide: B

Today is letter B...

Handprinted on 100% linen and available through Hollywood at Home. I love the Indigo & Pomegranate colorways. Especially for a set of curtains!

Load this baby up with cocktails for New Year's Eve. From Darren Ransdell Design on 1stdibs ($225).

If you read my blog regularly, you already know this is my *favorite* color combination. All the Trimmings Idiom Bangle by Kate Spade ($58).

Precious vintage Japanese beaded clutch from Independence Vintage on Etsy ($32).

The perfect vintage catch-all for a home or office. From Perfect Patina on Etsy ($26).

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A to Z Gift Guide: A

Now that it's December, I think it's definitely time to talk about Christmas! For the next couple weeks, I'll post ideas for gifts through the alphabet. Too hokey? Maybe a little. Let me start with letter A...

Vintage and so pretty. Only $20 on Etsy! Perfect for any vanity for storing jewelry.

Inlaid with brass, these 1950s abalone flower earrings from Ruby Lane are stunning. So is the $10 price tag!

Perfect for the favorite teacher in your life. Vintage brass apple bell from eBay ($19.99).

I've been developing a thing for seed pearls lately. I've LONG had a thing for amethysts. So, you can guess that I LOVE this pendant from Lang Antique Jewelry ($1,575).

Love this chunky alpaca pillow! It has a pop of color peeking through and a great pattern in the way it was knit. Get it on Etsy ($135).

Friday, November 30, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Robert Peluce

Has anyone ever asked you what was the BEST birthday present you ever received? I always know my answer. It is my "Horseless Rider" painting by surrealist Robert Peluce. My husband gave it to me just after we moved into our first house in 2003. It was my favorite of Peluce's works, but I never thought it would be mine considering it was about the cost of 1/2 a small car. Plus, the one my husband really wanted was the "Magic Apple," which was as much as an entire small car.

I took these photos, but they don't do the painting justice. Currently, it's hanging in my dining room. In every house we've ever lived in, it always hangs in a spot of prominence. People either love it or hate it!

This is Peluce's "Magic Apple," which my husband really, really wanted. In hindsight, we should have just bought it right then and there. I did try to buy it a few years ago for my husband's 40th birthday from its current owner, Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit), but he said he'd never sell it. You can see why.

Peluce's series of "Mask" paintings are amazing. I can't remember how many he did, but it had to be at least a dozen. These were my favorites.

We had the pleasure of meeting Peluce and his wife Gyorgyi before his death. They were living/working at the Los Angeles Brewery artist colony. She used to be a colorist for "The Simpsons." The two of them collaborated on a series of GYRO paintings (GYorgyi + RObert) for kids. We bought 4 of them for our (future) children. I will have to upload a photo of those paintings soon!

For more information on Robert Peluce, check out the Glass Garage Gallery in West Hollywood, CA. They represent several other artists who paint in the same genre, including Steven Kenny & Margo Selski. Stunning works!