Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dining Chairs

Okay, now that I've narrowed down the dining table, it's time to pick out the chairs. Please forgive the poor quality of this image, but these are the chairs I already own that I plan to use at the ends of the table. They are vintage faux-bamboo and VERY tall. So, which of the side chairs do you like best (need 8 of them!)?

Obviously, I'd choose different fabric, but these chairs are very comfortable. Not sure about those front legs, though.

I LOVE this chair, but if I had 8 of them, it might be a little much. I'd choose a different fabric and this wood finish (below). Maybe even do a gilt finish on those adorable corner brackets on the legs.

I do like this chair a lot, but I wish the top of the back was rounded like my wingback chairs.

If the back of this chair was taller, it would be the winner, hands-down.

I've been eyeing this set from Assemblage on 1stdibs for a while, but I don't need the armchairs, which would leave me with only 4 side chairs.

Here's another Mastercraft set (8 of them!) from Blair Gordon on 1stdibs. They'd sit perfectly under the Mastercraft dining table from my previous post.

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