Thursday, November 29, 2012

Slice of Velvet

It was a cool morning a few days ago, so I threw on my rust-colored vintage velvet blazer for a meeting. I love it and have been wearing it for 20 years. It occurred to me that when you're living in California, you really don't see velvet very often. I guess it's just too heavy of a fabric to use (or wear) when you've got beautiful weather nearly year-round (case in point: I have a gorgeous midnight blue velvet sofa sitting in my garage...leftover from my East Coast days). However, I don't see the harm in throwing in a little velvet here and there!

OMG. How beautiful is this delicate little glass and brass display box from 1stdibs ($795) from 1875?

You could fit this Etsy find ($395) in just about any little corner of your house.

My favorite color combination: black & gold! The gilt detail is so pretty. Found it on Etsy ($325).

Call me crazy, but I actually really like this 1970s velvet dress from Etsy ($185)! I'd probably cut it short above the knee if I bought it.

This embellished velvet belt isn't old, but I love it! I am a bit of a hippie at heart. $58 at Free People.

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