Monday, December 3, 2012

A to Z Gift Guide: C

Moving on to letter C. Hope you find something you like!

What a perfect gift for your child! Tawna of Reve Decor creates Bespoke Child Paintings from a child's drawings. Amazing!

Another beauty from Lang Antique Jewelry ($1,250). From 1875 with angel skin corals, rose-cut diamonds & 14 karat yellow gold.

How clever...and what a great way to remember whose wine is whose! From Etsy ($25 for a set of 6).

Coffee Table Books for Design Enthusiasts


  1. Wow! That ring is feels a bit vintage too, which I love. I've also been wanting to read Thom Felicia's book. On the to-do list.

    Thanks so much for including the children's art!